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Webdesign for the music business

Get your new professional website in 2 days for € 29 only!

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Responsive Websites for all devices

Your Website a few clicks away

Ready in just a few days 

Administrate by yourself

Share your music with your Social Networks

Promote your brand in a professional way

It's as simple as that!

Your website appereance is your entire perceived image 

We will package your message to evoke emotions

We create innovative, progressive Websites

We will ensure your site will be found


Appreciated testimonials from some clients:

  • Nino Taglialatela

    Colleagues recommended us the team from Music Web Designer for helping create our new website. We weren’t sure where to start, so at our first contact they show us the right options and approaches to what they could do for us. They showed us the right layout we need, rebuilt the ideas based on our input, and combined our ideas with their professionalism to create exactly what we were looking for. We would recommend working with them to everyone, for their creativity and talent, but also their approach to their clients.
  • Sada
    Exclusive Mastering

    We were very impressed from the first conversation. The level of experience in music related webdesigns that went into our project was amazing! We highly recommend anyone looking for music business related templates and experience and professional designs. We feel that in this business we let the work do the professional team of Music Web Designer clearly speaks for itself.
  • Dave Banks
    Chic Music

    The team at Music Web Designer are top-notch in their field of business. We scoured the whole internet looking for a template which fits with our music related business. Music Web Designer was able to deliver cutting-edge modern designs for music related business that added elegance to our needs. The quality graphics and tools they have in their webdesigns impressed us and complemented our social and ecological focus. Flexibility, responsiveness, speed, and quality are the hallmarks of Music Web Designer.
  • Thomas Lang
    Music Video Channel

    We worked closely with the team of Music Web Desigenr to capture the style we were looking for. They were helpful in revising the CSS to get the site to look exactly like we wanted. They are knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service. We highly recommend the team to anyone seeking to create or grow their music business.
  • Bogdan Ioan
    Newbeat Studios

    We needed help getting our business related to the music industry to be more dynamic and be more effective for our target market to use. You surpassed our expectations on all levels. It has been exciting working with you. Your ideas have helped our recording studios grow in leaps and bounds. Your professionalism, ease in working together on this project, and genuine interest in what our special wishes have been are greatly appreciated.
  • Tito Torres

    Thank you so much Music Web Designer team for creating a website that speaks to what my artist brand is – clean, clear, and concise. You really delivered a site that fits my brand and the image I need to portray. The last thing I wanted was a cluttered site like so many others in my field tend to be. I am still getting compliments on it! It’s perfect. And you did it on time and on budget and I got more than I ever expected.

Available Websites

We have 6 music business related webdesigns to offer

Partner and Tools

  • Beatport musicwebdesigner Musicwebdesigner partner MWD 006
  • Soundcloud musicwebdesigner Musicwebdesigner partner MWD 002
  • Mixcloud musicwebdesigner Musicwebdesigner partner MWD 003
  • YouTube musicwebdesigner Musicwebdesigner partner MWD 007
  • Spotify musicwebdesigner Musicwebdesigner partner MWD 001
  • iTunes musicwebdesigner Musicwebdesigner partner MWD 004
  • GooglePlay musicwebdesigner Musicwebdesigner partner MWD 005
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