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Renting a Website

The minimal rent time for our websites is 12 months. The website is running on our servers and we are responsible for the maintainment.

Purchasing a Website

After receipt of the advance payment the Server, Database and Administration are set up as Plugins. You will be sent a description how to manage the website. We insert pictures, text and all relevant links to your Social Medias and setup Email configuration. After receipt of the second payment we go live with your new website.

Payments and conditions (Rented Websites)

After initial payment for 12 months rent we start setup your website.

Payments and conditions (Purchased Websites)

Prior to initial setup the initial advance payment is required. After the website is set up the second payment for the rest amount is required to go live.

You have your own Hosting and server or want use our servers

You can use your own Hosting and server only if you buy a website. If you wish we can arrange for you to acquire a powerful server. For these costs please ask our customer team.

You have already a domain name or need to buy one

If you already have a domain you need to change the DNS to our server by renting or by changing to your own server. If don't have a domain we recommend: If you need any assistance for this ask our customer service team. For any DNS changes or works on third party servers we charge € 80.00 per hour work.


You can cancel your contract  at any time but at least 1 month before the expiry date.

My pictures, sounds and text

Insert your texts, links to audio files, images, and logo in the formats we have set in the contract. You guarantee that you are the owner of the music and pictures and you do not violence any copyrights. Music Web Designer disclaims all copyright from disputes.

You wish MWD to handle the content of your website

If you wish to leave future changes, uploads, new images and texts to us., no problem. There is a charge for this service. Please contact our customer service team.

Accidental deletions and other issues

For rent websites we have a daily backup to 30 days back. The replay of the site is two times free. After that we have to charge an administration fee of € 50.00.

What we can not assume any warranty for third party

If on Soundcloud, Youtube, Mixcloud, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media accounts an error function occurs or your account has been restricted or blocked, it may be that there are errors on your website. Please contact our customer service team.